Inspection Fees

  • The fee for a complete home inspection is based upon the home's size and age - starting at $285. The average fee is around $350.  We offer a HERO DISCOUNT for police, fire, military and teachers.  Call / text to schedule your inspection: 405-928-9358. 

  • Wall-thru, verbal consultations: $150. 

Important information about home inspection pricing: 

          Unlike other inspectors, I only conduct one home inspection per day allowing for a more thorough inspection and better customer service. For a typical home inspection, 1 to 2 hrs  is spent prior to the inspection researching the property and preparing the needed equipment. The inspection itself takes 2 to 3 hrs and another 2 to 3 hrs is spent after the inspection drafting the final report.  Don't settle for the cheapest home inspector, rushing from job to job. Your investment demands better.  

     Clients find value in our home inspections. Safety hazards are often identified during an inspection as well as defects that could lead to costly repairs if not corrected early. We are confident you will agree the value provided exceeds the inspection fee paid. Our home inspection report can be used to re-negotiate the price of the home or make repair requests that far exceed  the inspection fee. Ask your agent for details. 

Moisture meters used at all inspections.

Moisture meters used at all inspections.