Septic Inspections / Dye Testing

   Septic systems typically fall outside the scope of a home inspection, therefore some inspectors stay away from them. Upon request, we will gladly perform a limited general assessment of the system by 1) visually evaluating accessible components  2)  introducing tracing dye and then running 150 to 200 gallons of water through the system 3) evaluating the home for leaks, slow drains, & backups and 4) walking the drain field to for surfacing of effluent.  We will also check with the Oklahoma DEQ records department and obtain copies of septic installation records if available and provide them to you. 

Note: we do not dig for septic covers, locate  tanks, empty tanks, probe the grounds, map the system, dig in the drain field etc.. We provide a general assessment as to the function of the system on the day of inspection during the limited time we have access to the property. Because much of the system is hidden, there still could be deficiencies even if no problems are found during our limited inspection. In addition to our assessment, we recommend a professional septic company empty the tank and inspect the system more thoroughly if it has not been done within the previous 3 years.